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Thank you for visiting our family store, we hope you find something you like. Most all of our items are handmade by our family and sometimes friends!  When you are ready to order items from the store, please contact us HERE, the checkout feature is not currenlty working on this site.  



Bizzy Swingz!!!!

Bizzy Swingz are great indoor and outdoor entertainment, relaxation and fun!!! Our family enjoys making each swing and ensuring your family can enjoy them, too!!


Most Bizzy Swings are made from durable cotton, handwoven, outdoor and other supportive fabrics; hardwood, appropriate weight - bearing dowels; minimum 200 pound weight ropes and hardware; natural, unfinished wood accessories; new polyfiber fill (when applicable and unless otherwise noted); and double face satin ribbons. 

Contact us for orders/inquiries - HERE


Bizzy Chainz

Bizzy Chainz are handmade accessories that can be used in a variety of ways. We offer different varieties of Chainz:


Keeperz- Made of wood, plastic or acrylic, these typically have a clip on one end and a loop/ring on the other which make these accessories great for binky, keys, wallets and more.


Teetherz- Mde of silicone and/or wood, these chainz are great for teething babies and toddlers!!

(We also make teething necklaces using the same materials)



Barbour Family Tree Jewelry

One of a kind pieces made from beads collected from all over the earth (including Fair Trade beads, stones, glass and other earth materials) by hand with love and positive energy to pass on to you! Our selection changes often, stop by and see what we have or order a cusotm piece!



Bizzy Gear 

Our handmade headbands, hair bows, bow ties, neck ties and other handmade accessories are sure to delight and dazzle!!! Check out some of our handmade ready to ship creations or order a custom piece that is one of a kind - just like you!!



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Modern Geo Grey/Yellow/Black
Blue Chevron
Hammock swingz
Teetherz - Purple Star
Blue Hippo
Monkey Rainbow
Rasta Penguin
Rainbow faces
Pink Minnie
Caterpillar & Mickey
Mickey Collection

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Rasta Rainbow
Perfect Duet
Lady Jade
Color Full
Earth Rainbow
Sugar Skulls Headband
Little Pony Headband
Caterpillar Crochet
Womens head wrap/kerchief
women head wrap/kerchief
sugar skulls
Mickey bow tie & hair bow set
Bow Tiez

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