Diaper Lingo...


CD: Cloth DIaper


PUL: Polyurethane Laminate or laminated fabric. Waterproof material.


AIO: All In One: (waterproof) PUL material with a layer of material (usually fleece or flannel)  sewn on that has a soaker sewn into the lining and typically a pocket for stuffing additional absorbent materials into. Some have adjustable snap rise for extended use.


AI2: All In Two: (waterproof) PUL material with a layer of material (usually a fleece or velour) sewn together - no pocket - and a snap in soaker made of various absorbent materials in a variety of styles (petals, contours, snake-style, etc...)


Pocket Diapers: (waterproof) PUL material with a layer of fabric lining (fleece, cotton, jersey, etc...) sewn to it with an opening at the top of the backside used for stuffing with inserts, pre-folds or other diapering materials. These can be used as covers, swim diapers; your choice of material - inserts, prefold, etc.... - can lay in the diaper as well. With adjustable snaps, these can have extended use. 


Diaper Covers: PUL material that creates a waterproof diaper with ant combination. Some have inner flaps made of the outer material that help keep diapers, inserts, etc... in place and keep wetness off baby's belly and lower back. Wirg adjustable snaps, some covers can be used for extended times. 


OS: One Size: One Size fits all diapers that typically have adjustable waist and rise.


Hybrid Fitted: fitted diaper that has a hidden layer of material, sandwiched between the outer print and the inner velour. This layer of poly fleece helps the diaper to be more effective. Most hybrids also have snap-in soakers - countoured, petal, prefold/trifold, snake, etc... These diapers can be made waterproof by adding a cover made of PUL 


Wool Covers/Woolies: Diaper covers made of wool that are helpful in wicking away moisture from baby's skin and can be used as a cover for any style of diaper that is not waterproof. 


Diaper Stripping

Stripping diapers of waxy buildup, residue and chemicals, set in stains and other elements and toxins helps keep your baby's skin safe and healthy and your diapers in good, useable condition. 

There are many ways to strip diapers and each CD user 




Diaper Bucket Rating















This little bucket means a LOT to a CD user because it can hold a lot of.... STUFF!! 

When you see these buckets, you KNOW they mean business!!



Love IT!! Currently in rotation!!!



Good CD,

still gets used a few times a month


It's OK, rarely used


Not really feelin' this, maybe

used as a backup, occasionally