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Welcome to the Momcierge Birth Worker pages. Here you will find information about Birth Work, workshops, events and more in the Birth Community of Pasco County and surrounding areas. We will update the page as often as possible, however, if you have something to share or other questions and comments, please contact us by clicking HERE



Doula Workshops

So, You Wanna Be a Birth Worker?


Our area is growing and expanding very rapidly and with that expansion comes lots of families. Supporting pregnant people and families throughout their pregnancy, birth and journey through parenthood is a very important and rewarding role. 


Now that you have decided to become a birth worker, what next? 


Our Community Doula Training Program is desgined to be flexible and easy to follow. Doulas can pick and choose which workshops they are interested in as they are available. Once a doula has met the requirements, a certificate of completion will be issued



Community Doula Training Program Outline:


  • Training & Ethics Definition of a doula, roles and responsibilities - to include confidentiality, adhering to community standards and more. Training guidelines and requirements for doulas.

  • Basic A&P for Doulas  discuss basics of A&P to help doulas understand what may be happening with the birthing person's body in varied stages of labor and birth. This understanding can help guide the doula in what resources or techniques may need to be used and how to utilize them. 

  • Introduction to Midwives, Obstetricians and other Birth Professionals Learn what the titles and roles involved in pregnancy care are and how they influence care in the community.

  • Herb use for Doulas Herbs that are safe to use and methods of use for clients and doulas in various stages of pregnancy, postpartum and overall wellbeing for pregnant people, parents and their families. 

  • Natural techniques for Doulas Homeopathy, chiropractic care, rebozo, exercises, equipment, etc… Things we do and use to help the laboring people cope and birth naturally and with as little intervention as possible. 

  • Family Support for Doulas Doulas support more than the pregnant person and their baby, a doula offers education and support to the whole family. On the other side of the business, a doula benefits greatly from having the support and assistance from their own family and community.

  • Business Skills for Doulas Starting your own business can be overwhelming as a new doula. Every business will have its own niche and operation, together we can work through some of the issues doulas face in setting up and running their business. 

  • Doula Practicum Doulas attend births in various settings and usually not with the same providers each time. Finding a mentor or partner to work with can benefit a new doula in many ways and help get the experience and skills with personal support.  


Community Doula Project

One of our goals at Momcierge is to see more families have doula support throughout their pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Doulas offer support and education to people that is invaluable and studies have shown a reduction in cesareans and traumatic birth experiences with the support of doulas. 


The Community Doula Project at Momcierge is raising funds that will allow us to offer more doulas to people based on their ability to pay  -  more support and education = healthy and safe outcomes in birth! 


The Community Doula Project also provides training programs and workshops that educate and train people to become doulas in their communities.



Every donation helps contribute to another family's support and education and gives a doula a chance to grow! 


** We are currently not accepting donations for the program, we appreciate your continued and future support in our programs. 



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